The Oxford Ecohouse – timeless and iconic

Sue Roaf's Ecohouse

The Oxford Ecohouse was designed as a pioneering British Ecohouse in North Oxford. It is best known for having the first solar roof in Britain. The house was designed to provide a healthy and comfortable environment in current and future climates and to require minimal fossil fuel energy to do

Amber light shines on blue crap

Conservative U-turns on Green Policies

The number of green government polices cancelled or weakened over the last three or four months has reached the count of ten; this according to the heads of some of the main UK pressure groups in a joint letter to the prime minister. Here they pointed out the complete turn-around

One Million Solar Roofs in Britain: Join the Revolution

One to one million solar homes

June’s G7 summit in Bavaria ended with leaders of the world's major industrial nations pledging to end reliance on fossil fuels by 2100. A month later on July 7th in my Oxford Ecohouse I threw a party to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the first solar roof in Britain

Offgrid in India

A concentrate solar test scheme in India

It is not typical for me to write in the first person about my experiences of travelling abroad, however, sitting at 33,000ft somewhere half way between New Delhi and London, I find myself considering all the stark differences between India and the UK. No, I am not about to