The Oxford Ecohouse – timeless and iconic

Sue Roaf's Ecohouse

The Oxford Ecohouse was designed as a pioneering British Ecohouse in North Oxford. It is best known for having the first solar roof in Britain. The house was designed to provide a healthy and comfortable environment in current and future climates and to require minimal fossil fuel energy to do

The ticking clock – 83 years, 7 months

The Paris Committee of the Parties (COP) COP 21

On Thursday the 21st April, 2016 the UK witnessed for the first time a reigning monarch have a 90th birthday and while it was obviously a historic event and celebrated by many, the day was also potentially more significant for the planet but almost unnoticed by the mainstream media.

Penarth eco-refurbishment

Penarth eco-refurbishment

The UK government is already legally committed to an 80% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2050, (from 1990 levels), and has accepted since the Paris climate deal that eventually there’ll have to be a 100% reduction. Architect Nigel Humphrey wanted to ensure that the refurbishment of his own home reflected

Amber light shines on blue crap

Conservative U-turns on Green Policies

The number of green government polices cancelled or weakened over the last three or four months has reached the count of ten; this according to the heads of some of the main UK pressure groups in a joint letter to the prime minister. Here they pointed out the complete turn-around