Eco-friendly brand drives eco-friendly factory

Neal's Yard Remedies extends and refurbishes

When Neal’s Yard Remedies decided it needed to extend and refurbish its existing factory HQ in Dorset, it was down to award-winning architects Boon Brown to ensure the company’s green ethics were woven throughout the project. From a three-storey-high ‘living’ wall to unique honeycomb-inspired office buildings, the extensions demonstrate the

The Oxford Ecohouse – timeless and iconic

Sue Roaf's Ecohouse

The Oxford Ecohouse was designed as a pioneering British Ecohouse in North Oxford. It is best known for having the first solar roof in Britain. The house was designed to provide a healthy and comfortable environment in current and future climates and to require minimal fossil fuel energy to do

One Million Solar Roofs in Britain: Join the Revolution

One to one million solar homes

June’s G7 summit in Bavaria ended with leaders of the world's major industrial nations pledging to end reliance on fossil fuels by 2100. A month later on July 7th in my Oxford Ecohouse I threw a party to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the first solar roof in Britain

Tony’s House Five Years On

Tony's House

Now quite famous in UK eco-building circles, 'Tony's zero carbon house' which was first featured in Green Building magazine some five years ago gets a revisit from the author who kindly updates us on the successes and challenges that the project has highlighted since completion. Tony Cowling reports....   I'm so pleased