The renovation of Hay Tor

The renovation of Hay Tor

We’re all becoming increasingly aware of the need to be kinder to the environment and the benefits, both financial and otherwise, small changes in lifestyle can reap. But one man has taken this to the extreme by making it his life’s work to transform people’s homes in an eco-friendly and

The risks of retrofit – heritage issues

Heritage building in Bath, UK

Respecting heritage in retrofit In this, the second report on the subject, Kate de Selincout wonders if the ‘tension’ between airtightness and health is blinding other important issues such as the trade-offs that we are often faced with between conservation values and energy efficiency. These can be felt very tangable. While

A sustainable approach to reinstatement

During a client’s exit from a 16,000 square foot trading floor held under a particularly onerous lease in an otherwise occupied building, the client had to spend in the order of £50 per square foot to reinstate new ceilings, LG7 style lights, and carpets, all to the landlord's specification.