‘Green walls’ could bring cash and improve indoor comfort

‘Green walls’ could bring cash and improve indoor comfort

A New study has highlighted the health and economic benefits of installing ‘vertical greening systems’ within low-income households.   A novel approach for tackling high indoor temperatures and producing a stream of income for families in Nigeria has been developed and tested by researchers at Cardiff University.   The team, consisting of

Eco-friendly brand drives eco-friendly factory

Neal's Yard Remedies extends and refurbishes

When Neal’s Yard Remedies decided it needed to extend and refurbish its existing factory HQ in Dorset, it was down to award-winning architects Boon Brown to ensure the company’s green ethics were woven throughout the project. From a three-storey-high ‘living’ wall to unique honeycomb-inspired office buildings, the extensions demonstrate the

It would be a waste to leave Europe

With the general election out of the way, the EU referendum is now high on the agenda with debate raging on either side relating to the pros and cons of continuing membership. So, jumping on the band wagon, I thought this could be a good time to look at this