The ticking clock – 83 years, 7 months

The Paris Committee of the Parties (COP) COP 21

On Thursday the 21st April, 2016 the UK witnessed for the first time a reigning monarch have a 90th birthday and while it was obviously a historic event and celebrated by many, the day was also potentially more significant for the planet but almost unnoticed by the mainstream media.

Amber light shines on blue crap

Conservative U-turns on Green Policies

The number of green government polices cancelled or weakened over the last three or four months has reached the count of ten; this according to the heads of some of the main UK pressure groups in a joint letter to the prime minister. Here they pointed out the complete turn-around

Green Amber Rudd? NOT

Did Amber Rudd, the new Secretary of State for the Department of Energy and Climate Change, in her first fortnight, put DECC at serious risk of a legal challenge from the wind industry? In her first interview with the Sunday Times after the election she announced her support and desire