Offgrid in India

A concentrate solar test scheme in India

It is not typical for me to write in the first person about my experiences of travelling abroad, however, sitting at 33,000ft somewhere half way between New Delhi and London, I find myself considering all the stark differences between India and the UK. No, I am not about to

Lammas eco-village

Lammas Hobbit House

In a celebratory mood! In an out-of-the way valley among the rolling countryside of west Wales, a celebration is under way. Lammas, the UK’s only fully legal, rural, off grid eco village, has achieved two milestones. One is that their community hub building is now finished and signed off by Building

Grid defection

With cheap PV and batteries, do we need grids?    With around half of green energy generation in Germany now being in the hands of consumers and local energy co-ops, and the cost of PV falling, some look to a future in which power grids and big utility companies are less important