Domestic sewage systems – an ecological perspective

Wetland reedbeds for ecological sewage treatment

2015 saw changes in the guidance for discharges from septic tanks and other domestic sewage treatment systems in England. At first glance the new rules route homeowners directly into conventional solutions and don't take account of more eco-friendly options. Reed bed designer and environmental consultant Féidhlim Harty takes a closer

Self build the Ty Pren way

Ty Pren Straw bale Walls

Newly formed worker's co-op, Ty Pren (which roughly translates to wooden house) has recently constructed the framework for a unique residential property in Ceredigion, West Wales. This workers’ co-op was formed by Jamie Miller whilst building a Visitors Centre for Longwood Community Woodland, where he realized the need

Clayfest 2015 – a great success


Between the 8th and 13th June, people from 18 countries attended over 60 events. They came from places as far-flung as Malawi, Botswana, U.S.A., Brazil, Argentina, Cyprus, Slovakia, Sweden and Iceland. And they learned how to ram earth, build with turf, plaster with clay, sculpt with mud and much, much