Bigger is often better

Big renewables are more cost efficient

Small is allegedly beautiful, and there are certainly are social benefits from being able to control your own energy supply and achieve a degree of independence from the grid. But nearly all the projects being supported under the Zero Carbon Homes programme, and, by definition, all the projects getting Feed

The risks of retrofit – heritage issues

Heritage building in Bath, UK

Respecting heritage in retrofit In this, the second report on the subject, Kate de Selincout wonders if the ‘tension’ between airtightness and health is blinding other important issues such as the trade-offs that we are often faced with between conservation values and energy efficiency. These can be felt very tangable. While

The risks of retrofit

Retrofit if nor done correctly can be a money pit as well as a health hazard!

In her first article in this series on retrofit (Green Building magazine Winter 2014) Kate de-Selincourt explained how improving the energy efficiency of homes, especially those where people live in fuel poverty, can improve the lives and health of the occupants. Part two (Green Building magazine Spring 2015) examined the