Porter’s: a passivhaus – and a zero carbon house?

Porter’s: A Passivhaus – and a zero carbon house?

Porter’s was built for me, David and my wife Penny Learmonth in 2011-12 by Touchwood Homes and featured in Vol.23 (Autumn 2013) of Green Building magazine. Recently – and it did take a long time – we received Passive House Certification (ID 5042) and proudly display the sign beside

Stoneworks Garth – first certified passivhaus in Cumbria – part 1

Stoneworks Garth - first certified passivhaus in Cumbria

Cheryl Hitchcock and Dudley Thompson were living and working in a large Victorian end of terrace house in Kendal. However, working from home meant keeping a large old house warm all day every day and, despite all attempts to improve the energy efficiency (roof insulation, double glazing, door and window

Penarth eco-refurbishment

Penarth eco-refurbishment

The UK government is already legally committed to an 80% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2050, (from 1990 levels), and has accepted since the Paris climate deal that eventually there’ll have to be a 100% reduction. Architect Nigel Humphrey wanted to ensure that the refurbishment of his own home reflected