A few words about greenwash

Let’s be vigilant – often the same old products that we have become used to are nowadays just re-branded and re-packaged in a new suit of clothes. For example, should electric resistance heating (it has been around for 50 years at least) really be promoted as ‘clean green energy’

Bigger is often better

Big renewables are more cost efficient

Small is allegedly beautiful, and there are certainly are social benefits from being able to control your own energy supply and achieve a degree of independence from the grid. But nearly all the projects being supported under the Zero Carbon Homes programme, and, by definition, all the projects getting Feed

Porter’s: a passivhaus – and a zero carbon house?

Porter’s: A Passivhaus – and a zero carbon house?

Porter’s was built for me, David and my wife Penny Learmonth in 2011-12 by Touchwood Homes and featured in Vol.23 (Autumn 2013) of Green Building magazine. Recently – and it did take a long time – we received Passive House Certification (ID 5042) and proudly display the sign beside