Domestic sewage systems – an ecological perspective

Wetland reedbeds for ecological sewage treatment

2015 saw changes in the guidance for discharges from septic tanks and other domestic sewage treatment systems in England. At first glance the new rules route homeowners directly into conventional solutions and don't take account of more eco-friendly options. Reed bed designer and environmental consultant Féidhlim Harty takes a closer

Are we ruled by natureless economists?

Paris climate protection agreement

The US Supreme Court stopped President Obama's climate protection plan following proceedings by 27 Republican-governed states and business associations (ZEIT ONLINE, 10 February, 2016). Majority leader in the US House of Representatives Kevin McCarthy called Obama's initiative an unlawful misuse of power and a risk to energy security and jobs.

Stoneworks Garth – first certified passivhaus in Cumbria – part 1

Stoneworks Garth - first certified passivhaus in Cumbria

Cheryl Hitchcock and Dudley Thompson were living and working in a large Victorian end of terrace house in Kendal. However, working from home meant keeping a large old house warm all day every day and, despite all attempts to improve the energy efficiency (roof insulation, double glazing, door and window